OVLP is a training program for swine producers learning how to vaccinate pigs through their water source rather through injections. Our assignment was to update an existing training manual and create a supplemental training video. This project was a labor of love that required looking critically at how to guide people through a process I had no experience doing myself. How to improve something I didn't understand? Ask many, many questions. 
Look & Feel
Utilizing photos from a shoot, we highlight the animals and the people who care for them. Pink references a Boehringer Ingelheim product that is administered orally and lends a pop of color against the black and white photography. Bold, graphic shapes and numbers lead users through the process.
Working with Charles Akins, the illustrations also got a facelift. Our goal was consistency and clarity. The pink spotlight draws users to the most important action or element within the illustration.
Training Manual
After establishing the look & feel and getting all the new illustrations done, we dove into layout. We started with the steps for the "Medicator Pump Method" shown below.
Training Video Storyboards​​​​​​​
Along with the training manual, we leveraged the illustrations to create an easy-to-follow training video. Here's a small selection of the storyboards I developed before the video went into production.
Bonus Concepts
I won't show you what the training manual looked like in the before times, but I will show you some early concepts that we pitched!
Mary McCormick, Copywriter
Shannon Daehn, Copywriter
Sarah Rusch, Art Director + Designer
Shawn Kelley, Executive Creative Director
Charles Akins, Illustrator

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