Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and provides widely used and respected cattle vaccines. Our assignment was to create Boehringer Ingelheim's booth experience for the 2023 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention in New Orleans. Our inspiration? The city of New Orleans and the concept of "cowboy luxury."
In the town with more joie de vivre than any other, we’re here to relax and enjoy all the work we’ve accomplished over the year. Kick your feet up and enjoy the big easy knowing that you’ve put Cattle First all year long. In an industry that never stops working, now’s your chance to take a breather. Cattle First. Then we roll.
Mood Board
Cattle First Photobooth
Visitors to the booth have the chance to snap a photo and envision themselves against a backdrop of blue skies and rolling hills. Images from the photobooth are collaged together throughout the day on a Cattle First community digital display.
Cattle First Ranch Sign
Photobooth participants will see their picture composited with the new Cattle First Ranch Sign at the entrance of the booth. 
One lucky booth visitor wins an iconic Pendleton wool blanket to kick their feet up in style and comfort. Visitors sign up for the Cattle First email list by scanning a QR code and are entered to win.
Zactran Booth Activation
Visitors to the booth can try their hand at wrangling BRD. With a physical representation of a bacterium, try to rope it in — just like Zactran starts to rein in BRD in just 30 minutes. Stopwatch starts as soon as you pick up the lasso. Fastest ropers stay on a leader board.
Work in Progress 
Bonus Concepts...
Sometimes ideas you really like get scrapped. It's a part of the job! Here are two more concepts we pitched to the client that melded the idea of "cowboy luxury" and the city of New Orleans.
Shannon Daehn, Copywriter
Sarah Rusch,  Art Director + Designer
Amanda Leacock, Creative Director
Jada Jesberg, Producer

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