Surest, a sub-company of UnitedHealth Group, wanted to send out a mailer to each member during Open Enrollment that celebrated members’ Year-To-Date healthcare experience. The goal was to show members how much they saved over the course of the year, create a sense of belonging to a club, encourage members to use more of the available benefits, and increase re-enrollment. 

Our solve: a variable direct mailer that was unique to each member. The mailer included the benefits the member took advantage of and which benefits they could try to utilize in the future. Members were assigned a persona and given a trophy that offered up words of encouragement and a sense of accomplishment. The mailer included a QR code to download a shareable social post of their persona and trophy. 
For the printed mailer, we leveraged an existing icon style with a digital look and feel. In the future, the client is looking to develop an app version of what we included in the printed mailer. 
Lexi McCann, Copywriter
Sarah Rusch, Art Director + Designer
Sam Mitzel, Creative Director
Molly Daigle, Producer

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