Able Brewery's summer seasonal, Not Quite Forever, is a sour ale with raspberry and lime flavors. The design is inspired by the punchy nature of a sour ale and the vibrant colors of raspberries and limes. While working on the pattern for the label, I was looking at 90s textile designs (think The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & Zubaz) as a way to evoke the nostalgia inducing name, Not Quite Forever. 

The label design is a class project from my time at Minneapolis College. Each of my classmates created a design, and the brewery picked one to produce. My design got picked! I even did a tv spot about the collaboration between Able Brewery, Minneapolis College, and me. Sadly, the video has since been removed and I can't find it anywhere!  
Mood Board & Mock-up Label Design
Final Label Design
Social Media
Bus Stop Advertisement
Canning Day! 
Photos by Samantha Sather, used with permission.
Press Release
Read the full release HERE.
Color study for the pattern used on the beer label.
Which colorway is your favorite?

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