Da Mini Pounder's Mochi Ball Mix was due for a redesign that showcased the brightly colored and uniquely textured mochi ball snack. After refreshing the logo and packaging, a humorous advertising campaign that emphasized the dinosaur-egg-like appearance of the mochi balls was launched (not really, this was a class assignment!).
I knew going into the redesign that the distinct mochi balls would be the source of inspiration and intrigue. Colors, patterns and textures from the mochi ball designs are used throughout the packaging and advertising.
Original Packaging, Shelf Space & Product
Redesigned Da Mini Pounder Logo & Mochi Ball Mix Logo
Da Mini Pounder Mochi Ball Mix Redesigned Packaging
Instagram Mockup & Animation Storyboards
Mochi Balls Truck
Billboards & Bus Stops
Grocery Store Floor Decals and Signs
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